Klee Irwin, director of Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), leads a team of physicists, chemists and mathematicians dedicated to developing a first-principles quantum gravity theory, referred to as Emergence Theory. Infinitely curious about time, space and matter, over the years Irwin has published numerous journal articles relating to emergence theory and consciousness, quasicrytalline mathematics, cold fusion and golden ratio in nature. Quantum Gravity Research was established in 2009 and continues advancing their work through the expertise of a global team of researchers.

​Klee is also the owner of Irwin Naturals, a leading global vitamin company founded in the early 90’s. Irwin embraces a purpose-driven corporate culture which promotes serving our global family through humanitarian efforts such as his partnership with Vitamin Angels.

Outside of his scientific work, Klee continues to give back and his philanthropic activism supports worthy causes in scientific research, micro-lending efforts, social and eco-conscious focused initiatives, education and the inspiring work of creative visionaries. He helped fund the launch of Singularity University in 2008, headquartered at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field and invested in the endeavors of Moon Express in 2012. Klee most recently became excited about investing in and supporting the mission of Cambridge Quantum Computing, a company that specializes in the algorithms and protocols for quantum devices.

Klee’s entrepreneurial endeavors also include investing in socially responsible companies such as Change.org and Upworthy, along with environmentally responsible projects such as Napa Creek Village and the startup Mayasil (a spin-off of Mayaterials) , which has created an innovative process for using agricultural waste to create high-purity silica compounds which has almost no carbon footprint.

Irwin’s passion for “nurturing the question” and bringing clarity through research are directly related to his desire to simply create a better world for all future generations to come.